We are Vaartuig, a.k.a. Brian & Mathilda


Please practice our company name before entering the boat. We will ask you to pronounce this!

But the "ui" combination doesn't exist in English so you'll have to get some help from a Dutchy ;-)


The word "Vaartuig" written as one word could be translated in "Sail craft". But the words separated: "Vaar tuig" give it a complete differtent meaning:  "Scum that sail!!!". A connection to our typical pirate Amsterdam background. So lets introduce to the "Scum" you'll be sailing with through the canals of Amsterdam... 

A married couple with kids who decided to work together organising canal cruises with a twist. We present:


Brian (previously sailed the Caribbean with Captain Blackbeards crew), Father of three. Loves live, Loves boats, loves Amsterdam, loves his wife deeply and believes we all can make this world a better place. Let Brian entice you with the beauty and history of Amsterdam!

"Sailor" and the booker 

Mathilda (found as a stowaway on a Mediterranean vessel), Mother of one, real funny, bit feisty (so be careful), loves boats, loves to party and dance, She is the most sincere person you'll meet. Let this lady entertain you! 

After several shipwrecks, these two treasure seekers, found each other. They noticed they used the same treasure map with the same coordinates. So they decided to hunt for treasures and share the profits and a great life together.


Profits were recently invested in 'Zavi' which means 'boat' in Mongolian. A beautiful modern saloon boat from which they will guide you through the stunning canals of Amsterdam.


Because you're worth it


You prefer authenticity


You enjoy the small things in live 


You hate swimming


Best canal cruise Iever did !!! In fact, so good its almost American. Couldn't believe it...



- D. Thrump -

Great cruise guys! But my wifes diamond neckless seems to be missing. Any chance we can get that back or is that considered a tip?


- J. See

Don't piss off the crew as they made me swim the cruise... 


- J. Bieber -

See Amsterdam Canals our way..!


Kinderdijkstraat 45-2

1079 GC Amsterdam

Kvk: 68011679

Mathilda: +31 6 231 46 282  (Booking)

Brian: +31 6 284 84 820  (Skipper)

© 2017 copywrite Vaartuig 

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